350 New Homes Will be Built in Ellesmere Port

Ellesmere PortIn fantastic news for the surrounding area, it has been announced that multi million pound housing development on the edge of Ellesmere Port’s town centre have been approved.

The venture will see 300 new houses built in the quaint Cheshire region after planning permissions were granted. Situated on 29 acres of the former HH Robertson site on Cromwell Road, the emphasis will be on open space for the finished project.

Footpaths and cycle links will be created as well as more accessibility to the train station and the town centre. Trees will be planted, there will be a new avenue on Cromwell Road and the canal footpath will additionally be worked on to allow easier access to the local network of footpaths. Playing fields will also be improved thanks to a £262,000 cash injection from the developer.

St Modwen is the regeneration developer behind this ambitious new project in a move which could not only see housing rise sharply but could also bring in 700 construction jobs for the local area.
“We are delighted to have secured planning consent for the delivery of up to 350 much needed family homes.

“This will provide a significant contribution to the council’s supply of housing land and will regenerate a former brownfield site, delivering a sustainable, high-quality development. The scheme will be complemented by extensive areas of new open space, local transport and town centre access links. We hope that the development will act as a catalyst for the transformation of the wider area.”

As for the marketability of these new homes, it’s estimated that 25% of them will come under the ‘affordable’ bracket. The houses themselves will be a mix of 2 bedroom flats and 2 to 4 bedroom houses.

Councillor Brian Jones: “This is excellent news. That land has been empty for the last 17 years so I’m made up that something is being done with it. We need housing, and especially affordable housing, in the town.”

Preliminary work is expected to commence as early as next year.

Chester Zoo Voted Best Zoo in the UK

Chester ZooIn an announcement that will surprise no-one who’s had the pleasure of spending a day out there, Chester Zoo has been voted the best zoo throughout the whole country, beating out the likes of London Zoo!

11000 animals from all over the world call Chester Zoo home and a very good home at that, according to the report from TripAdvisor. After it was announced as the most popular zoo throughout Britain, this Cheshire zoo continues to go from strength to strength.

The 2014 Travellers’ Choice Awards have been a massive success for the zoo and was voted 2nd throughout Europe and 6th worldwide.

Jamie Christon, managing director of Chester Zoo said: “We’re absolutely delighted.

“Our sincere thanks go to every single person who has come here because, as a registered charity, their visits help us to carry out all of our vital conservation work – saving species from extinction both here in the UK and overseas.”

Marketing officer Julie Griffin also added:“This is the first time we’ve won this award and we’re very, very pleased indeed – particularly as it’s voted for by those working in the travel industry who have been to the zoo, experienced what we have to offer and cast their vote on the back of their visit.

“The zoo is constantly evolving and offering visitors something different to see and experience.”

The passionate zoologists have also been doing their bit overseas to help animals who may find themselves at risk of extinction in the sadly not too distant future. The Ecuador Amazon parrot was in jeopardy of disappearing altogether but now that the 10 representatives from the zoo personally identified the bird in South America, its status as endangered means it can now be properly monitored.

Also in 2014, the zoo have started the islands project; set to give visitors the chance to sample the ecosystems of the Philippines and Indonesia. The £30m venture will bring in a reported £.3m for the local economy, meaning that it will start turning a profit in just under 10 years.

With more announcements and advancements seemingly being made by the day at Chester Zoo, let’s hope that they keep the excellent momentum going.