Tips For Choosing The Right Family Law Solicitor

There are lots of family law solicitors Chester out there and it can be really confusing, especially if you have never needed one, on which one to pick. Whilst reviews are a great way of gauging whether they are a good solicitor, you need to find one that is best for you and works within your budget. We have put together a few questions you should ask when looking.

When did they qualify to be a solicitor?

Whilst experience is paramount, someone who has recently qualified could do a better job. However, with an experienced solicitor they will be able to steer you to a more successful outcome via the best route. 

Who will do the work?

You’ve picked a solicitor, but what’s to say they don’t delegate the work to others. Find out who will be doing the work and how easy they are to get hold of.

Have they always worked in family law?

Some solicitors may have years under their belt, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean years of experience in family law. Find out when they specialised in the sector and go from there. 

Are they accredited?

Any solicitor will be accredited which will either be by Resolution or Law Society which requires you to have demonstrable skill, knowledge and experience in the sector.

Are they respected locally or nationally?

Do they participate in charity events, local committees and overall well-respected by others in the local community and further afield?

What is the ethos of the firm?

Do they see themselves as the big shots of the law world or are they a close knit team who care for its clients? Taking a look at the staff can give you a good indication with their body language in whether this is the law firm for you. 

Are they cheap?

Whilst being cheap can be really great for your pocket, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality too. If they are giving the cheapest quote, either it’s unrealistic or they lack experience. Find out what the final costs will be before agreeing to anything as you don’t want to be caught out at the end with a hefty bill.