Chester Literature Festival 2013

Chester Literature Festival

There are few festivals that celebrate literature quite like the annual event held in Chester and after the barnstorming success of 2012; it’s no surprise that it’s making its mark again this autumn.

This year, the reputation of the flourishing has attracted some big names and the billing is one not to be sniffed at. The famous names range from every genre imaginable, evidencing the recent lure of the two-week long event.  Possibly the most prestigious name is Derek Jacobi, the legendary Shakespearian actor known for his love of all things literary who will be holding a special evening event talking about his life and career – not be missed. Tim Vine is also on-hand to guide you through his Bumper Book of Silliness whilst Richard Bacon also delights an avid crowd by talking about tweeting his mother amongst other things on Thursday evening.

Chester Literature Festival

Tim Vine

Chester Literature Festival

Celebrity events are not purely the name of game here however with plenty of workshops held by established names in literature for your interest. Brush up on your skills with the likes of Luke Wright, David Lloyd and Ian McMillian & Tony Husband eager to show you their style.

Lunchtime performances take in the spirit of drama which range from the classic to avant-garde. Intimate readings are showcased by the likes of Joy Winkler who is an excitable and determined performer, eager to convey every paragraph and full stop as was intended when she put pen to paper. Another inspirational talk comes in the form of David Lloyd’s self-effacing yarn on his trouble with employment. Stifle a grin as he hilariously guides you through his latest exploits and reads from his book, Seven Streets. Other readings come from the likes of Paul Morley, Patrick Barlow, Fay Weldon, Clive James and many, many more.

The local community also features prominently at this year’s festival with the local university’s lecturers having a chance to talk over the few days. This represents a great chance for anyone interested in further education to sample what their future could hold.

Set aside the middle of October in your diary for a trip to Chester to experience an un-missable occasion from the 13th to 27th.

“Book Reading” by moonpointer 1 and “Untitled” by @paulbailey licenses available here.