Events in Chester in February

Events in ChesterAny month of events in Chester are always full to the brim with exciting activities and evenings of entertainment for the whole family and this February is no different. Here’s a look at some of the best occasions available for you and the family throughout the month.

Chinese New Year

Located in the city centre, Chester will become a hove of colour and culture as the Chinese New Year is celebrated in the historic town. Expect to see plenty of tigers and dragons with one or two special performances as well.

Buy Tickets: Wah Lei Association 

Blues Rock Jam Night

If you like your music to be eclectic and energetic, then this event coming up on the 6th of February is a must attend for you.

A Shrewdness of Apes will be the headlining act at this evening of brilliant music in which audience participation is the keyword. If you feel like clambering up on stage and belting out some blues, feel free!

Tickets are free at Telfords Warehouse

Chester Music Society

Expect the music of the Brodsky String Quartet at this high-class occasion. If you’re a fan of classical music then you’ll know that your beloved genre has a home in Chester and that will be evident on the 12th at St Mary’s Centre.

Tickets: 01244 381995

Mamma Mia Cruise

Big Abba fan? Love being on boats? Then enjoy all the excitement you can have at this Mamma Mia Cruise at the Groves on the 21st of February.

Get down with some of disco’s most beloved song before tucking in to the great eats at the barbecue – enjoying a drink is also mandatory! There’s even opportunity for you and friends to enjoy a private party.

Tickets: 01244 325394

Wizz Jones & John Renbourn

If you love your classic folk blues then you’ll love this classic duo who are much revered in the community.

The pair will be playing Telford’s Warehouse on the 25th of February as these icons take to the stage as a healthy antidote to the contemporary airwaves.

Buy tickets: Telford’s Warehouse 

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Chester

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

If you’re not willing to let go of 2013 quite yet, you should definitely be celebrating Chinese New Year in Chester on February 1st in an event which will be great fun for the whole family.

This year, it’s the turn of the horse on the Chinese calendar and because of this, the whole city of Chester will be springing to life with a vibrant, oriental feel on a spectacular night of fun. The start of a new zodiac calendar in China is always cause for rejoicing on the other side of the world and it’s this spirit which will be spreading through the city centre.

The origins of the calendar date back to the story of Buddha when he requested all animals to meet him on the first day of the year, after which he named 12 years after each. Those born on the year of the horse are said to be charming, energetic and kind.

This February, expect to see lions and dragons roaming the cobbles of the Roman city with plenty of other brilliant things to catch the eye. If you never thought you’d see the day of a Happy Buddha walking around in northern Britain then this your perfect chance!

Orchestrated by the council and Wah Lei Chinese Asocation, there has been plenty of excitement leading up to the event. Executive member for culture and economy, Cllr Stuart Parker had this to say on the celebrations: “The colourful Chinese New Year celebrations are always a firm favourite with residents, shoppers and visitors to Chester.

“This is the fifth time they have been held in the city centre and afterwards workshops take place in Frodsham Street.

“I would urge everyone to come and see the year of the horse brought in, in fantastic style with music and costumes and something for everyone to enjoy.”

The occasion kicks off with style at 10.45 am along Eastgate Street as you get acclimatised to the different culture with an introduction to the famous characters. From here on, expect to lose yourself in a brilliant day of entertainment.

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Visit the Blue Planet Aquarium

Blue Planet AquariumIf you’re visiting Cheshire with the kids and don’t know what the historic city can offer, taking a walk around the Blue Planet Aquarium will easily be one of your highlights.

Visitors from North Wales will no doubt have had some great fun in the Seaquarium in Anglesey but for sheer variety and things to see, Blue Planet absolutely comes out on top especially when you consider that it’s open all year long, making it perfect for a rainy day out.

This superb aquarium is home to over 700 fish with them ranging from the adorable to the menacing! As soon as you see Blue Planet’s variety of sharks that is the largest in Europe, you’ll understand exactly what was meant by that. The 10ft long sand tigers and lemon sharks are just a couple of the attractions with the fearless staff sometimes jumping in with these hunters of the sea. Visitors with diving qualifications can also enjoy an experience with these hunters of the sea – if they’re up to it!

You can enjoy sights like these from the comfort of behind the amazing amphitheatre glass – a fully panoramic view of some of the exhibits of which there are 50! It’s surely an intercontinental experience at Blue Planet as the fish housed within the 3.8 million litres home come from places all over the planet.

Anyone fearful of creepy crawlies would do well to steer clear of VENOM which is a display area filled with dangerous creatures. Don’t get out the health and safety manual just yet; you’ll be fully protected by reinforced screens meaning that you can enjoy watching tarantulas and jellyfish in their surroundings.

Also not to be missed, a chance to get up and personal with the stingrays and eels with the sharks also making a guest appearance in the underwater tunnel. This 70 metre long stretch plays host to black and white sharks and also the zebra variety, again showing why the venue is famed for its collection of sharks!

If the kids are tired of looking and want to start running around (as they always do), the Pirate Playground is the perfect place for them to release some energy. Expect to see one or two otters outside too!

With the opportunity to have massive reductions on diving experiences throughout January, there could be no better time to dive in to the fun at Blue Planet Aquarium.

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Gigs in Chester in January

As a place of rich culture and excitement, there are always acts taking to the stage from the music world in the historic town of Chester. From the indie to the electro, there’s always an event for any music lover out there.

Here are some of the highlights to look out for over the course of January.

Empire Divide – Telfords Warehouse – 11/01/2014

An alternative rock influenced act hailing from London, this energetic but at sometimes sombre 5-piece are looking to impress in Chester after a great 2013 in which they released their debut music video in November.

Strains of Radiohead are evident in the bands releases with their being some leans towards other artists such as Coldplay and Muse. Catch them before they get big.

Laura J Martin – Telfords Warehouse – 14/01/2014

As eclectic as they come in influences, this young musician from Liverpool is carving a bit of a name for herself in the music world.

Although still tentatively young, Martin has been on the scene for a few years now with her LP Dazzle Days being her most recent release. If you’re after something a little soulful then this be could the gig just for you.

Ian Skelly & The Serpent Power – Telfords Warehouse – 24/01/2014

On the back of plenty of hype, Ian Skelly is looking to distance himself from his early music career as the drummer for The Coral with this venture.

One for those who enjoy the more experimental side of music, this artist bring plenty of psychedelic intrigue to his recordings with his Cut From a Star album having plenty of fanfare on release. Check out Ian Skelly on the 24th of January.

Chemistry Lane – Telfords Warehouse – 30/01/2014

An engaging and unique group, Chemistry Lane live by their name as the sheer level of detail which goes into their compositions is almost scientific.

Avant-garde is one word to describe this home-grown band and after a support slot with post-rock giants 65daysofstatic on the 14th, they will be headlining their own show at Telfords on the 30th of the month.

The Maydays – Telfords Warehouse – 31/01/2014

Coming from nearby Wrexham, this five piece oozes Northern energy and is a brilliant throwback to when rock was simple fun.

Definitely one for those who like their rock upbeat, The Maydays will be rounding off a great month in Chester for music gigs and are one of the highlights.