Restaurant in Chester at the Top of the Pile

SH_Grilled_SteakThere are so many exquisite places of dining in Chester that it can sometimes be a case of being spoiled for choice. One restaurant in Chester which has come in for glittering praise though is Upstairs at the Grill.

With its charming interior which is transatlantic in aesthetics, there’s a certain aura to this burgeoning restaurant as soon as you walk through the door. It’s this kind of splendour which has seen it placed 7th in a list of the best restaurants throughout the U.K.

Top Table is a site dedicated to dining enthusiasts who can share their opinions on various establishments throughout the country. Realising how pithy online reviewers can be, it’s a sure statement of the quality of Upstairs at the Grill.

Specialising in steak, Upstairs offer you your meal to your exact requirements of colouring and cooking. Only the best and most elite beef is sourced to be on your plate which goes superbly with a glass of a little something from the special wine menu.

Beaten out by the likes of Gordon Ramsay, the marketing manager, Jennie Grimes, could have no complaints at the end of the day saying: “It is testament to the hard work that goes in to making sure diners have a memorable experience with us.

“Everyone works so hard – from the owners, to those in the kitchen, to our waiters and waitresses. They all play a huge part in our success.

“This news can only be a good thing for the Chester area. We have seen this list appear in foreign newspapers and websites in places such as India and Germany and any positive publicity we can create for the city is great.”

“We are all very proud.”

Beating out the likes of Chester is quite the achievement for this small eatery from the Chester area and its success is sure to be built on for the future with more accolades bound to follow.

Chester Lantern Parade a Success

lantern paradeA previous highlight of the annual Chester calendar continued to be so as 2013’s edition of this highly popular event for the whole family proved to be a fantastic night for all.

One of the most traditional aspects of Christmas is the lighting of lanterns to signify special meanings for the year that’s passed. This was something that schoolchildren from all over the area were enjoying as they traversed the streets with their very own brilliant lanterns.

Primary schools from all over were very into the proceedings with many of them displaying some really advanced designs to the amazement of adults and parents who were delighted to see their child walk past in the parade.

Schools such as Chester Bluecoat, the Arches, Tarporley, Horn’s Mill and Cherry Grove were all delighted to be a part of the community occasion which has found a soft spot in many hearts for many years over Christmas time.

The kids navigated their creations all the way from Town Hall Square before travelling to St Werburgh Street via the iconic cathedral and finally onto the Cross. Lord Mayor of Chester, Cllr Jill Holbrook, then switched the lights on at the impressive Christmas tree; much to the delight of all young walkers.

To prepare the young artists for the grand event, respected artist Russell Kirk has been giving them workshops on how to make the perfect lantern in coalition with various members of the artistic side of Chester Council. The work evidently paid off as there were some truly outstanding lanterns which ranged from all shapes and size but each and every one was unique.

Cllr Stuart Parker was delighted at the end result:“The Lantern  Parade is always a favourite with late night  shoppers and is a fantastic community  event.

“Local primary school children get involved in both the artistic side of producing the lanterns and in the performance on the night – bringing a special event to the city.”

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10 Facts About Chester

Chester Roman Ruins

Everyone who’s ever stepped foot in Chester will undoubtedly have been blown away by its sheer beauty and fantastic sights. It should come as no surprise then that it made 5th place on a list of Europe’s best-looking cities.

To commemorate this achievement, here are some facts about Chester that you may not have known about.

  1. Chester used to be known as ‘Deva’ back when the Romans had a settlement back in 79 AD. It was used as a fortress and was once of the largest throughout Britain.
  2. It’s lasted the years and is claimed to be the best preserved walled city throughout Britain as there are little lapses in the quality throughout the town walls.
  3. St Werburgh is the patron saint Chester. He had a massive impact on convent reform for the whole of England.
  4. Although welcoming to all cultures in this day and age, the Chester of 1403 was a no-go for any people from Wales. Henry V ordered that they all be banished from its grounds or suffer execution.
  5. The magnificent Chester Cathedral is the most popular tourist attraction all throughout the North West region and is a place of respected worship.
  6. A stroll will undoubtedly allow you to come across the Roman amphitheatre: a major attraction which used to seat 7000 spectators. It is the largest of its ilk in the country.
  7. A hard to miss venue is the Chester Racecourse which is also the oldest of its kind and also a sporting venue in general. 1539 saw the first race taking placing there with many more years of competition to follow.
  8. Chester’s Rows are unique in that they are present in all four of the city’s main streets and cannot be found elsewhere in the world; a definite walking opportunity if ever there was one.
  9. As of 2011, 118,200 people resided in Chester with them being varied across all kinds of background but with the majority claiming Christianity as their religious belief.
  10. King Arthur is reputed to have taken part in a bloody battle within the city.