Get to The Gathering in Chester this Weekend

ChesterBelieve it or not, summer is finally approaching and there’s one event that signifies this more than any other here in Chester and it is set for another fantastic year.

We are of course talking about the amazing ‘The Gathering’ on the 4th of May and it is all set to be as big a celebration of music and the arts that it has been for the past 6 years. This micro-festival has been making a bit of a richly-deserved name for itself with Chester city centre providing the perfect location for some (hopefully) sunny fun.

Situated in Rufus Court, The Gathering in 2014 can boast live bands, DJs as well as all the stalls and activities you could want to keep the children busy. Possibly the biggest name on the bill is Slim Boy Fat , a tribute act to Fat Boy Slim with sets from the likes of Blue Bottle Veins, Burning Out, Jed is Dead, Perseus, Veil, The Jigsaws, Washington Reed, Indigo Sky, Dead Pixels, Gary Edward Band, and Luke Cusato.

There will also be ever more events for kids than there were at 2013’s edition with them now catering to both youngsters and teenagers. Those with an eye for the creative may enjoy taking part in one of the great master classes and workshops that are going on throughout the day.

If your child has a passion for drama, dance, art, music and more then you are in luck as their will be many workshops across the occasion that will be available for free as it’s been provided by the Chester Council as a way of getting more young people involved in the community.

Minerva Arts representative Steph Brocken said: “The activities are really wide ranging – from visual arts to music to theatre and historical re-enactments. I think it is set to be a unique event; one of the most unusual packages of activity overall in the North West in 2014.”

So whichever art form is your favourite, you’re sure to find something you love at ‘The Gathering’ 2014 and perhaps a new passion for the kids to get involved with this May 4th.

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Chester Racecourse Day Fixtures this May

Chester RacesThere are a few words and phrases that often come up when talking about Chester and of course one of them has to be ‘horse racing’. This is exactly what you can expect to enjoy this May in the Roman city on three great days of events.

Chester Raceourse is a meeting ground for the rich and famous who want an entertaining day out with patrons including the likes of Michael Own and other celebrated horse enthusiasts but this doesn’t mean that it’s an elitist venue – people of all ages are welcome!

There are fewer places better for racing than in Chester as the Racecourse is the destination for many events and races throughout the year with it even being more popular than some of the most renowned locations down south. That’s why the 7th, 8th and 9th of May are destined to be well attended ahead of the busier Summer schedule.

It’s not just racing that Chester Racecourse is noted for as it’s also widely recognised as being a great for all things polo. From professional matches to practice games, there’s something for everyone who loves the sport with the LDF International Polo Weekend also taking place this month on the 24th of May.

Also aside from the racing, you and friends and family can unwind at one of the many great restaurants and bars on-site at the Racecourse. With the choices that include the Final Furlong restaurant, The Finishing Post Bar, Turf Restaurant, The White Horse and also Restaurant 1539 (which comes with an envious panoramic view of the course itself), you wouldn’t be judged if you were to miss the racing altogether.

On the 7th of May, you can enjoy the Stan James Cup Day, on the 8th you can look forward to the Boodles Ladies Day and the 9th bring the Boodles City Day. For any more information on any of the events at Chester Raceourse this May, please contact:

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Cheshire Falconry

Cheshire FalconryLove birds? Then you need to get yourself to the wonderful Cheshire Falconry and have a great day out with our feathered friends.

Animal preservation is important as birds’ habitats continue to be endangered so it’s great to see that the experts at Cheshire Falconry are fully devoted to housing and caring for over 60 birds of prey. It’s often believed that these large birds are scary and dangerous but after spending a session with these majestic birds, you’ll find them to be the exact opposite.

The falconry is open 7 days a week and is one of the most popular destinations for families, particularly during the school holidays. What you can get up to during your visit is up to you and you can stay away from the birds and marvel at them from afar or you can get up close and personal with them!

So, what species can you see at the falconry? All of the best of Britain and of course some majestic eagles. You can be in the company of one of these magical animals for as little as half an hour or six hours if you really want to appreciate them.

Even if it doesn’t sound quite like your thing, you can always buy a gift voucher for a loved one so they can spend some time at Cheshire Falconry. The lucky recipient then has the chance to book a session of their choice and could be the perfect birthday present.

The Cheshire Falconry also offers great open days to schools and can often even be found at local events and shows with the option to hire the guys out available to you and your business. Probably the most impressive thing that these birds have done is to be the ringbearer for a couple of weddings at the falconry in the past.

So, if you’re visiting Nantwich in the near future and want to get in touch with nature, there’s no better place to do it than at Cheshire Falconry.

Please visit: for full details and information.

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What’s On at The Forum Studio Theatre in Chester

stage right, stage leftThe Forum Studio Theatre in Chester is one of the most popular entertainment venues throughout the city and for good reason as it’s always thriving with exciting productions and plays which can suit people across a broad range of ages.

As we approach summer, the theatre’s billing only get better so we here at Chester Borderlands compiled two of the best arriving over the next month.

When We Are Married – April 3rd – April 12th

Dir: Peter Swingler

A superb adaptation of the classic comedy by Priestley is first on the agenda for The Forum with it staying on stage for over a week, giving you plenty of time to catch it.

Set during the 1900’s in the north of England, When We Are Married is a hilarious trip down nostalgia lane as three couples who were all married on the same day by the same vicar look back on 25 years of the ups and downs. However, it transpires that the vicar might not have been all that he made out to be…


Joseph Helliwell – Dave Perkins

Maria Helliwell – Janice Gavin

Albert Parker – Bill Hughes

Annie Parker – Gwen Cowan

Herbert Soppitt – Derek Weigh

Clara Soppitt – Janice Fryett

Henry Ormonroyd – John Lindop

Rev Clement Mercer – Grahame Smith

Gerard Forbes – Dan Ellis

Fred Dyson – Peter Marnell

Ruby Birtle – Vicki Daniels

Lottie Grady – Jo Lloyd

Mrs Northrop – Maureen Rutherford

Nancy – Harriet Jones

Call 01244 341296 for more information.

Godspell – April 22nd –April 26th 2014

Chester is as closely associated with the arts as it is its Roman heritage so it should come as no surprise that youngsters from the area and nearby towns are taking part in this Theatretrain production.

Schools from Chester, Wrexham and Mold will all be coming together to give their rendition of Godspell from the 22nd of April to the 26th of April with each performance kicking off at 7pm. If you want to catch bright young talent in the Northern area, be sure not to miss out on this.

Wednesday 23rd April – CHESTER SATURDAY SCHOOL

Thursday 24th April – WREXHAM SCHOOL


Saturday 26th April – MOLD SCHOOL

Sunday 27th April (2pm) – MOLD SCHOOL – Extra Performance Added

Call 01244 341296 for more information.

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