What’s On at the Chester Racecourse this Summer?

chesterracesThe Chester Racecourse is a well recognised arena in the world of horse racing, with it being the oldest racecourse in the United Kingdom – and possibly the world, where the first recorded race took place on February 1539.

The racecourse holds a plethora of events, consisting of horse races, music events, parties and conferences. Known as the ‘Chester Races’, the horse racing is an extremely popular recurring event that sees average attendances of around 23,500. Equipped with fantastic infrastructure, Pavilion facility, Restaurant 1539 and Paddock redevelopment courtesy of a recent £10 million investment, the arena is more than capable of putting on a real show – and a fantastic experience for all those that attend.

As the Summer approaches, Chester Racecourse prepares for an excellent few months packed full of events that you will simply love. These race days are the perfect occasions for special days out, parties, fun days and occasions to dress up, with an unquestionably fun and exciting atmosphere.

Here are the race fixtures this summer at the Chester Racecourse:

Saturday 8th June – Gates Open: 11.30am
Friday 28th June – Ladies Evening – Gates Open: 4.30pm
Saturday 29th June – Gates Open: 11.30am
Friday 12th July – Ladies and Gents Evening Gates Open: 4.30pm
Saturday 13th July – Gates Open: 11.30am
Sunday 4th August – Gates Open: 11.30am
Saturday 17th August – Gates Open: 11.30am
Friday 30th August – ChesterBet Day – Gate Open: 11.30am
Saturday 31st August – Gates Open: 11.30am
Saturday 14th September – Gates Open 11.30am
Saturday 28th September – Chester Finale – Gates Open 11.30am