Halloween Events in Chester 2013

With broomsticks and costumes at the ready, Chester is preparing itself for another Halloween Events in Chesterspooktacular 31st of October. Halloween events in Chester and its surrounding areas are always ghoulishly good affairs and there are plenty of scares to be had for the whole family.

Hallowe’en Masquerade and Murder Mystery Spooktacular

The National Waterways Museum plays host to some seriously spooky goings on on the 30th and 31st of October. If you think of the intensity of Cluedo on a live scale, you wouldn’t even be close as the murder mystery is much scarier! Trawl every dark crevice, interview suspects and reap the rewards along the way to uncover who the killer is. Fun for the whole family, this event is £5 for adults and kids under 16 can enjoy it for as little as £2 in Ellesmere Port.

The Whitby Wander

Not really a horror filled night out along Whitby Park but with All Hallow’s Eve being held on the same day, you could be in for one or two surprise scares! Meet outside Whitby Hall in Ellesmere Port on the 31st for a great walk around the historic town.

Grosvenor Museum Lecture Theatre

Come and join respected name Nick Fry as he discusses the significance of medieval craft with relation to Chester Cathedral in partnership with the Chester Society of Natural Science Literature and Art on the 31st of October.

Halloween Spooktacular at Chester Zoo

As terrifying as some people may find snakes, spiders and other more chilling animals at Chester Zoo, it’s the creepy crawlies that are the main focus of the screams at this event being held until the 3rd of November! The faint-hearted should keep well away from the 33-ft wide animatronic tarantula during this amazing event.

Bass Culture vs Mode-Mode Halloween Party

One strictly for the grown-ups, The Compass nightclub is holding a terrifyingly excellent party for Halloween with great name like Spooky and Pete Cannon ready to get the boils and ghouls on the dance floor shuffling. The evening kicks off at 8 p.m. and there‘s plenty of fun to be had up until closing time.

Wherever you end up this Halloween, it’s sure to be a horrifyingly fun occasion!

Chester Real Ale Festival 2013

Nothing brings people together quite like a glass of cold beer in beautiful surroundings Chester Real Ale Festivalwhich is exactly what the organisers of the Chester Real Ale Festival had in mind when they brought together this fine showcase.

Northern ale has no equal as any connoisseur and its exactly that kind of person who have their produce on tap for your enjoyment this October in beautiful Chester. If it’s a light, refreshing taste you’re after than any number of refined lagers will be available for you. Should you fancy a heady, strong tipple then there’s going to be plenty of choice from over 65 delicious drinks at The Guildhall.

The Guildhall is a gorgeous venue that can fit hundreds of people at once and as it used to be an active church, you couldn’t ask for a more idyllic location to hold any event.

Channelling the spirit of a bygone era when it was only rurally brewed ale you could find on tap at pubs, the CAMRA organisation have collaborated to bring together a head mix of all things hops. There are over 50 beers from local vendors available at a selection of pubs across Chester and 15 ciders to also sample, highlighting how varied and quietly successful the selection is.

There’s also plenty of food to enjoy across the venue with some truly delicious local produce to perfectly accompany your drink. Find the perfect partner to that Nine Standards Gold Standard or sip your New Plassey’s Dragon Breath after a hearty meal.

Don’t expect a just lad’s sort of event though as families are welcome with soft drinks available for the young ones throughout. Release that family rivalry with a round of pub games and a prize-laden tombola – who knows what you could win!

With this and much more to get involved with in Chester this month, it looks like this amazing town has a lot going for it still in 2013!

Chester Arts Festival 2013

A rich and cultured city, Chester is known for its beautiful surroundings and the gorgeous chester arts festival 2013art the people who reside there create. With such inspiration everywhere you look, it’s little wonder that last year’s very first Chester Arts Festival was held to celebrate the local and national wonders. This year, it looks to be improving even further with some high-class names in attendance.

Quite possibly the marquee master of the arts is Sir Peter Blake: the genius responsible for The Beatle’s famous Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover. In it, some of the most famous names in the world ranging from Marilyn Monroe to Karl Marx are displayed in a congregation and has gone on to be one of the most iconic art sleeves of all time. Blake’s work is regularly found in the Tate Gallery which serves to show what a powerhouse he is.

Not to be shown up as the biggest name on the roster is Kerry Darlington, a Rhyl born artist whose works are as broad and recognised as anyone’s in the country. So much so in fact that she was awarded  the title of “Best-Selling Published Artist” by respected galleries all over Britain .Further cementing her reputation, Darlington is known as the world’s first resin artist and specialises in texture and acrylics also.

More brilliant displays are expected from the likes of the beloved sculptor Nick Elphick, the man responsible for sculpting the Queen for her jubilee. British talents Antony Gormley and Michael Bennett shore up the bill and with the inclusion of international names such as Patricia Pastore and Ramses Marzouk, the fantastic festival has a worldwide feel to it.

Laura O’Hare, the event director, had this to say: “Chester Art Fair is built on a wide range of corporate and public partnerships and we are looking forward to working with these organisations to grow the event. We are in talks with local education providers and companies to see how they can get involved in Chester Arts Fair 2013.” This is an example of the festival’s importance to the community with charity also playing a part. Several works will be sold to help the Claire House Children’s Hospice and other brilliant foundations which help the young in the art realm.

With this and much more to look forward to, this year’s festival looks to hold a lot of interest to connoisseurs and newcomers alike.