Grosvenor Park to Be Opened Again by Duke of Westminster

Grosvenor ParkAfter restorations were finally completed, Grosvenor Park is all ready to be opened to the public once again and with the help of a very special guest.

The Duke of Westminster is set to unveil the restorations made to the historic site, a full 147 years after his great ancestor played a huge part in its initial opening way back in 1867. Richard, 2nd Marquess of Westminster, decided to donate 20 acres of his estate to Chester’s citizens so that they could use it as a public park.

Thanks to a big revamp, the park is now likely to be just as amazing as it was for visitors over a decade ago. The Duke will be there on Monday the 28th of July to do the honours after a £2.3m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and the Big Lottery Fund (BIG), more than £1m from council coffers and £30,000 from WREN has helped to reinvigorate the flagging landmark.

“I am delighted to be given this opportunity to open a revitalised Grosvenor Park,” he said.

“It is a vital and much-loved part of Chester city centre, and I am grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund, WREN and, of course, the council for providing the finds for such an important project.”

A café, public meeting rooms, a training and events pavilion, public toilets and a new natural play area are among some of the changes and additions made.

Cllr Stuart Parker, executive member for culture and economy, said: “The Marquess was many years ahead of his time in realising the value that parks would have for urban communities. Over the years his vision has given pleasure to millions of people.

“This programme of restoration will ensure that Grosvenor Park continues to occupy a special place in the life of Chester residents and a wonderful attraction for its visitors.”

No doubt the people of Chester will welcome the re-opening of one of their most iconic places and that it acts as a conduit for everything great in their city for the next 147 years!

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