Chester Philharmonic Orchestra

Chester Philharmonic OrchestraOne of the most beloved music forms comes to life in the grand town of Chester this November and it’s guaranteed to be a truly remarkable evening of entertainment.

The very of definition of ‘philharmonic ‘ is a “devotion to or appreciation of music” which is precisely the kind of spirit each and every member of the Chester Philharmonic Orchestra will be channelling when they take to the stage at Chester Cathedral on the 16th of November.

The unenviable task of curating an eclectic range of orchestras from all kinds of backgrounds falls to David Chatwin, a respected figure in the classical community who has found a name for himself as the principal bassoonist with the BBC Philharmonic. Mr. Chatwin will be overseeing and delighting in the performances which are all due to be something spectacular.

The opener is surely going to set the precedent as it’s one that can truly rouse and captivate any audience. Victor Hugo’s seminal Mendehllson Concert Overture Roy Blas, the conductor incidentally hated the play which his piece was used in but the audience at Chester Cathedral are undoubtedly going to lap it up.

Working up the crows even further will be Holst’s Egdon Heath, which is massive inspired by the genius of Thomas Hardy, this almost 100 year old arrangement will serve as a fine introduction into Richard Srauss’s Horn Concerto No.1.

This piece is deserving of special attention down to it being played by the Andrew Budden Acting Principal Horn with the BBC Philharmonic. Budden himself is a relative newcomer on the scene after gaining massive exposure in 2006 when he joined the BBC Philharmonic at the tender age of 21. After playing with some of the most-revered orchestras across the country, he is set to make a real mark in Chester.

Wrapping up superb proceedings will be a performance of Brahms’ Symphony No.2 which is often remarked as a very difficult piece but a challenge that the performers will surely relish.

For the low price of £15, make your way to Chester Cathedral for an unforgettable evening of refined music on the 16th at 7.30pm.

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